Greg Shepley, born and raised in quiet Shropshire.  After finishing a Maths degree at Imperial College in 2004, I started on the mission of learning a foreign language – Spanish.  Not really knowing how to achieve this feat, I went to Spain and eventually got a job there working in a fast food restaurant.  I immersed myself in the Spanish culture and from the outset I forced myself to only communicate and only think in this new language.  Using the logical and analytical training I had learned through my Maths degree I could approach the whole language learning process through a unique perspective.  I ended up staying in Valencia, Spain for almost three years, in which time I reached a near native level of Spanish.

After this I returned to the UK and using the skills I had developed learning Spanish I started to work on other languages, continually improving the methods I had learned, and then teaching Spanish using and developing the skills I had learnt.  Throughout my learning process, both in Spanish and in other languages, I noticed one crucial point which was obvious in my own learning process and which is something that is holding others back so much of the time: the knowledge of the simple words.

This is what has driven me to create The Language Key and to use it as an aid in other people’s language learning processes.  I hope that it will be of some use to you.

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