The Language Key is your key to learning a language quickly and effectively, so that you can express your thoughts at a very early stage and build on from there.

The simple crucial words, often the most common words, are holding people back, they either can’t think of them, or when they do remember them they have ended up using so much of their mental energy remembering them that they have very little energy left to find the more specialised words, or even think of what to say.

This is where the Language Key Guide comes in, this will show you how to use the Language Key.   All the most important words are on one easy-to-remember A4 piece of paper, The Language Key.  Alongside this comes your guide of how to use it: a set of techniques, exercises and strategies to be able to not just learn them, but to internalise them so you hardly have to think when you say them, so you express yourself freely in your new language, so that you become the language.

The Language Key Guide.

The Language Key Guide is made up of the following components:


Introduction to the method and philosophy.

The words of the Language Key.

The most important words you need to speak and express yourself – this is the core element of the Language Key.  It’s these most important words that you need to know really well, so well that you don’t even need to think about them anymore!


Entertaining and varied exercises to help you remember the words of the Language Key, and to be able to put them into a structure that you can then use to express yourself.

Grammar Keys.

These will guide you through easy ways to remember the range of most common verb endings, guide you through the tenses and give you a thorough understanding of how the sentences work.


The Language Key will equip you with a large range of techniques and strategies to continue your learning.  You will be empowered to read books, newspaper articles, watch TV and films, express yourself and speak to natives.  Then there should be no stopping you!


The Language Key Guide Spanish Edition is currently in development for release later in 2017.   If you would like to reserve a copy or request further information then please fill in the form below.

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