Practising Catalan

Once you develop any skill it’s important to keep practising it to maintain the level.  This is equally true and in this blog post I will share with you some of the things I do to practise my Catalan.

Catalan through Tunein Radio and TV3.

Using the great Tunein Radio app on my phone I listen to Radio 3, which is the Catalan language radio station from the Spanish state radio provider RNE.  I do this mostly while driving and when there’s good signal.  This is one of the best radio stations around for practising your listening as it’s mostly people speaking and they are often talking about interesting subjects.


This TV station provides Catalan language TV shows with Catalan subtitles.  The best show is El Gran Nord, this is one of my favourite TV shows in any language.  Personally I also like soap operas as you get to know the characters, the one I watch is La Riera.

If you’re practising or learning Catalan, why not have a look through the TV3 list of programmes.  Catalan’s a beautiful language and with valuable resources like these it can be a joy to practise!



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